WatchMen of the Bargain Bin

See what I did there? Clever, no?

As I searched my local "Big Lots" for some sweets I went over to the movie section to see if they had any new titles. Unfortunately I was having a tough time finding a good movie because A, already brought all the good movies or B, people were just hiding them behind the cereal(again). As I was searching I found two particular DVD's that caught my eye the "Watchmen" directors cut and the "Watchmen" motion comic. I gleefully took both DVD's up to the counter for purchased and rushed home as soon as I could.

Enough of that.

What does this have to do with the DVD itself? Well if you must know it was the two disc directors cut edition of the "Watchmen." It includes the three hour long uncut version on one disc, and the other disc contains some documentaries, music video, and digital copy of the film. I personally am a fan of the "Watchmen" comic and the movie too, not saying it didn't have its problems but I did enjoy it. The DVD on the other hand not so much. Don't get me wrong this is a steal definitely, but I would have thought some things would be the norm, like say, I don't know say two versions of the movie instead of just the directors cut. Not saying the directors cut is bad it's just very long, 30 minutes longer than the original cut. Most movies that went to DVD by this time had two versions of the movie (if there were two versions to begin with). What about the special features? Not much to found here in terms of features. There is a 20 something minute long documentary, then there is the small diaries each one on a different topic of the watchmen universe inside the movie, and then there's a My Chemical Romance music video on it(Don't ask me which song it wasn't very memorable to me ok). It leaves a little to be desired but can't really complain especially for the price.

Store: Big Lots
Price: $3.00

Was it worth though?


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