Logan (2017) Mini-Review

Well here I go writing my first movie review in god know's how long....

In the not so distant future mutants are practically non existent and the world has moved on with other things. Logan(Hugh Jackman) does his best to survive and support Professor Xavier(Patrick Stewart). One night Logan receives an offer to transport a mysterious girl to North Dakota in hopes to save her from getting killed. At first Logan wants nothing to do with the job but after a startling revelation he agrees.

This isn't an ordinary superhero movie.I mean it. Really, I do. Since there's no complexity in the plot the director and writers focus on character development. All the actors involved do a fantastic job, and I mean everyone. If I had to I would make the argument that this film deserves to have some of the actors nominated for an Oscar.

Action scenes are short but plenty. Its gruesome and at times hard to watch when those claws get the swinging but its just so engrossing you can't look away. They can seem to get pale really fast since he's doing the same thing to every enemy however by removing Logan's invincibility there's investment in each fight. Wondering if this one is his last one or will this be the guy who will get the jump on him. That last action scene falls into the standard action finale we see at the end of all these movies but there's enough pieces moving that it keeps it from being stale.

The Good: This is probably one of the best acted superhero films ever. Everyone is superb in juggling the serious moments and "comic book" moments. Going for more realistic action sequences brings this film down to earth and brings in extra tension then would normally be found.

The Bad: Villains come off flat and one-dimensional. The "meta" moments can lessen the experience.

Logan's grounded reality may throw off fans of the X-men movie series at in the begining but this change from the over-the-top safe tone enhances the story and turns what would've been an run of the mill comic book action film into a something more. A future action classic.

Rating: Rush it!!
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